The map below includes locations visited on the blog, including a few of my favourite “pre-blog” destinations.

People often ask me where I’m headed next, so here’s my late 2016 / early 2017 plans / wish list:

SE Asia: Luang Prabang, Laos; Koh Tao / Koh Samui, Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand; Siem Reap, Cambodia

USA: San Diego, California; Monterey, California; Huntsville, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana; Las Vegas, Nevada

Long-Term Wish List: India, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Fiji, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Greece, Italy. Ireland, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nepal, China, Hawaii, Curacao

MAP – WHERE I’VE BEEN (hover over each pin to read more about each city and/or links to posts)

*zoom out for global view, zoom in to see each region more clearly